Friday, July 26, 2019

Justifying an evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Justifying an evaluation - Essay Example Griffith’s work in the film is fascinating both in the adverse and affirmative dimensions. The characterization features from different angles. For instance, the general scene development of the film is very accurate and authentic with reference to the music played, archives featuring and the natural landscapes that existed in the times of civil wars. The major theme of culture and racial prejudice forms part of the epic story of the film. Initially, what fascinates me about the film is the general presentation of reality with regards to the society. Some of these preside the film with defined warnings regarding the heuristic nature of war amongst different races. For instance, the film tends to seek clarity and relevance from the Biblical directives and Shakespeare works. Most of the scenes of the film disentangle the inappropriate trends of life and give way to light where darkness features most. The issue here is about virtues. It is thrilling to find a film that tries to establish the necessity of liberty. The â€Å"birth of a nation film† is a good pace setter. The first impressive instance about the film is that it takes a representation of the superior culture and the slave’s cultures. The actual history in America is that the whites dominate the northern region, and the African Americans dominate the south. The first part of the film features the introduction of the Africans into the American territory. The underside of disunity in the territory remains well established in the film. The film does not complicate the entire situation of hatred amongst the Africans cultural backgrounds and the American cultures. The film features two distinct families from the Cameroonian and American backgrounds. The film also features intensive political trends where some sides of the national house support intense need for the demolition of civil wars. Others support the need for safety and respect for the African culture thus

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