Saturday, July 20, 2019

Leon Garfields Novel Smith Essay -- Leon Garfield Novel Smith

How Does Leon Garfield structure the novel ‘Smith’ to keep the reader interested? Leon Garfield uses cliffhangers and other techniques to draw the reader into the world that Smith lives in. I am going to explain how the author uses a variety of emotions and moods. As well as that, I am going to discuss how the author links social history with the plot. Then, I am going to clarify how well the ending resolves the readers’ questions. Finally, I am going to expose how the author uses elements of style to his advantage. The first point I will talk about is how the author uses a variety of emotions and moods such as humour and horror. â€Å"Quick,† whispered Miss Bridgit, handsome in her Tuesday best, â€Å"under my skirt, child.† This is humorous as Smith was escaping gaol at that time and you would never dream of escaping under someone’s skirt. This is also horror as the skirt will have been taken off a dead woman, and to think of wearing a dead woman’s clothes is ghastly and unthinkable. Also we are scared as Miss Bridgit could be caught and be punished severely for ...

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