Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Strategic Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Strategic Human Resource Management - Essay Example Strategic Human Resource Management works through providing a framework larded with strategies of how to support the business in the long term (Kramar, 2013). These strategies are also in accordance with the goals and outcomes of the businesses. It is also concerned with the issues of the employees in the long term and not only the short term ones. This therefore means that it deals with the macro concerns and macro structural issues of the business in general These are things concerning quality, values and culture as well as the necessary resources needed to achieve all these. Strategic Human Resource Management is a complex concept and process and needs time. It also needs to draw from all the departments of the businesses hence leading them to work together to achieve the strategized goals and outcomes and within the provided time frame. Lengnick-Hall, et al, (2009) pinpoints that customers are becoming more demanding and expect quality to be increased as well as being served on time and diligently. This is quite challenging to the employees who are already bundled up with other responsibilities of the strategies framework. With effective strategies in place, Strategic Human Resource Management meets will lead to increased customer expectation and values and also ensure long term sustainability. Strategic Human Resource Management is involved with a lot of changes all of which demand monetary attention to be fulfilled or upgraded. With the economic challenges of depression and with increased competition, finding enough capital to tackle all their projects is becoming a challenge to the organization and more so to the management who have to be answerable to the employees, shareholders and customers as well as to the delay in changes). There is however not enough literature on this part of capital as has been mentioned in the article

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