Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Secret Loin and The Rocking Horse Winner Essay

The Secret Loin and The Rocking Horse Winner - Essay Example This paper talkst he first story told about the importance and need to represent myself and my thoughts. Importantly, the second story, guided to avoid being too much greedy because it thrills but it kills in the long run. The second story also guided to think money as a tool of living. The objective of one’s existence should be to enjoy the life because believe it or not humans get only one go around in this world and therefore, it is people’s duty and responsibility to stop worrying about the future and initiate to live in the present. The present moment is what we all got and we can either enjoy it or waste it. In the paper we can find out the description of the first story. The story entitled â€Å"The Secret Loin† discussed two characters, whom were bored with exactitude of the routine. They were basically studying at Junior High School and there they were not permitted to have a conversation with anyone. They were expected to take classes and go home without thinking for a moment during the entire day. The thinking is the process that is the most difficult act for human beings. Most of the humanity wants to execute predetermined stigmata and manage the old routine The story at hand depicted a human urge and need to say what they want to say. This paper says that the second story with the title of â€Å"The Rocking Horse Winner† is written to tell people that unjustified greed and longing for the money is going to kill. The story attributes an anxious mother who wants to make money all the time. Furthermore, she is always worried and has a habit of blaming others for her own troubles. Paul is the name of the abovementioned mother’s son and he is told by her that she is miserable because of his father’s unluckiness. She also told him that luck is important, due to its ability to attract money. Paul in the vague of making a lot of money starts betting on horse races. Finally, with the help of Bassit and Uncle Oscar, Paul initiated to make money big time. But, one day while riding his rocking horse he fell and contracted an incurable brain disease and

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