Monday, June 17, 2019

Basel committee's risk categories in relation to financial Essay

Basel committees risk categories in relation to financial instituitions in relation to financial and non financial organisations - Essay ExampleIn banks, there is a possibility for financial data to disappear. Financial information on loans given, repaid, capital, withdrawals and deposits made can be stolen by the employees or simply disappear due to execr suitable technological procedures. The Basel Committee identifies that internal loss of data can occur due to poor risk management processes, new technological methods and upcoming lineage activities. Basel Committee identifies that a company is not able to have the right documentations in its accounts if it has loss of data. This means that its profit and loss margins will be downstairs estimated. This is dangerous to the company as it will not stop the real amount of capital used to carry out the activities (Basel, 2006, pp. 141-153).Case studies on non-financial organisations reveal that they are at a risk of internal fraud. This is so because they also use money or capital in purchasing their materials for their use. The case studies enthral that non financial organisations mainly undergo the risk internal fraud by making mis raisements on the financial statements. This does not indicate the true financial state of the organisations. The case study reveals that both financial and non-financial organisation can show fraud by looking at the growth in terms of their gross and how it keeps changing. The margin of their growth of revenue is not very consistent. For a company to know where it lies in the financial market, the growth change in revenue is suppose to be a bit consistent. It is not supposed to have big margins. According to Ericksons and other scholars, the audit sector is normally not able to detect fraud because of the lack of understanding of the organisational environments they are working on (Erickson, 2001, pp.166-193).According to the studies made on Basel Committee, international fra ud occurs is mainly done against the organisations. It undergoes external fraud due to misinformation from its clients in

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