Monday, June 10, 2019

Mail order brides Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Mail grade brides - Essay ExampleRapid technological develop ment can outpouring a lot of numerous possibilities to look for a partner, and one of these ways is mail order bride melodic line. Great amount of women around the world try to scram their love in the Internet, and many of them even dont think of possible risks and problems they can meet. Many women believe that potential rich and respectable grooms from abroad will automatically turn in their well-being and happiness, but these people overlook numerous facts of exploitation of women through mail order brides business. Furthermore, it is often very grueling for women to defend their rights and resolve their problems resulted from their trustfulness and aspiration for happiness. This paper will discuss the main features of mail order brides business, explain and evaluate the basic factors of mail order brides business relation to the exploitation of women. The thesis of the paper is that these factors argon geographic al location, income level, education and race. 2. There atomic number 18 some significant features of mail order brides business which determine its unique character. One of the main features of this business is its popularity in the Internet as a good way to earn money, give and get distinguish information. In spite of severe competition at mail order brides market there is great amount of Internet serve wells which offer and provide this business The international mail-order bride industry has been proliferating in recent years, using the internet as a high-powered engine to reach an unprecedented number of clients. A Google search for mail-order brides results in 590,000 websites, including The Mail-Order Bride Warehouse (SIECUS International). So, the business has gained mass character and is constantly developing and growing. Another feature of mail order bride business people who use this service have many ways to hide their real image, attitude and some individual personal features which could play appropriate role for those who would be interested in contact. People try to display themselves as ideal lovers, true partners and friends who earn much money and are ready to give their potential partners love and happiness. It is preferably difficult to check reliability of such individual and specific information - so, only personal meeting can help open real truth. planetary scale of such activity leads to numerous facts of abusing and human rights violation, such as women and children trafficking and sex exploitation of women the stories of women who come to the U.S. as mail-order brides only to suffer exploitation, abuse, or send off are coming to light. As a result, the industry is facing increased scrutiny from people concerned about the implications mail-order marriages (SIECUS International). 5. There are some principal(prenominal) factors of mail order brides business which lead to the exploitation of women. It is possible to outline some ke y regions women of which are involved in mail order bride business. These regions are third world countries (Asia, Latin America), Russia and Eastern Europe. As a rule, women from poor countries show their interest for rich European and American grooms in the Internet and men from rich European countries, USA and Canada use this tendency Potential mail-order brides are typically young women from countries experiencing economic distress and widespread subordination of women. Most of these women are under intense pressure to marry (SIECUS International). So, one of this business factors is region. Women from these countries are usually obedient, pliable and

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