Thursday, June 20, 2019

Essay about Hip-Hop Beyond beats and Rhymes directed by Byron Hurt

About Hip-Hop Beyond beats and Rhymes directed by Byron Hurt (movie) - Essay ExampleMen with their bling-bling paraphernalia, for instance, threw property promiscuously in front of the camera while women in scanty dress dance erotically in the background. These images imply four things (1) Amassing a great amount of money is mens ultimate goal. The privilege of wealth and comfort seems to belong only to men. (2) Mens and womens roles, as it appears, are codified by dint of paper money. While men search for money, on the other hand, women passively wait for men to come for their rescue. (3) The role of women is placed underneath or down mens. As a background, a woman only becomes a woman if she puts her place in the arms of a man. (4) Women are tagged with cost on their body. Here, women are transformed into objects. In contrast to men, women seem to have no power and will.Activist Hurt realized the sharp conflict between his ideals and the ideas propagated by hip-hop culture. He believes that lifes goal is mens and womens equality in the access of comfort and resources. Money is fair(a) a human invention. Like money, role-giving belongs to humans, both men and women. Hurt confessed that the to a greater extent he deciphered about the reproduction of sexism and masculinity in the hip-hop songs, the more those lyrics became unacceptable to

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