Saturday, June 15, 2019

Language analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Language analysis - Essay Example25).The reversed event sequences make it interesting, the author marking Sals present-day account of spending Christmas with his relatives in Virginia, the middle part showing Deans surprise and unannounced visit to Sal in Virginia, and the final part describing the events leading to Deans unannounced visit to Sal, bridging the beginning with the end.Kerouac focused the addressees attention using sequence markers depicting what came counterbalance and last. For example the phrase It was over a year before I saw Dean again (Kerouac, 1999, p.101) implies the present setting, continuing until Sal learned that Dean had lived blithely with Camille in San Francisco ever since that fall of 1947 (Kerouac, 1999, p.104).The phrase I learned that (Dean had lived) prompts a flashback in the storys timeline on how Dean ended up in Virginia in a car with two other people. Even in the taradiddles reversed sequence of events, subtle context clues and prompts show what happened, what happened next, and what happened by and by that (Hooey, 2000, p. 25). Contextually this is the narratives sequence Dean compulsively bought a car using Sal as scapegoat to leave her and be on the road. Meanwhile, indoors the year that these events happened, Sal spent time writing his book at home and going to school. Sometime between Christmas and New Year Sal visited his relatives and brother in Virginia, plainly was surprised on Christmas Day when Dean and company appeared at his brothers doorstep. After settling down, Dean told Sal why he visited unannounced (Kerouac, 1999. Kerouac moderates narrative timeline jumps by prompts connecting indirectly-related events. Since people take contexts and subtle links using their own experiences and views, the narrative makes sense even when sequences are reversed (Underhill, 2013, pp 20-22),

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