Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Self Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Self Evaluation - Essay ExampleI am going to go a head and discuss a real life case study which I experienced myself while I was wagering as a put up supervisor for Familia Group Home Inc. This business housed teens ranging from 14-22 with violent aggressive behaviors and drug addictions. The company just pretty much gave out applications for anyone who came by seeking art and would send them to get a security background check if cleared they could be hired by the owner. There were 10 employees all together at that time.The company did not have any standard operating procedures and/or policies hence the problems occurring due to the absence of such policies are self explanatory. For example, the employees reporting to work on time had no incentive of doing so while the employees who were not punctual faced no embracement.My objective was to basically establish an effective and streamlined human resource department comprising of at least one HR coordinator and one assistant. I cou ld not have just hired one person because like Bazerman, Loewenstein, and White (1992) have also demonstrated that people exhibit less will power when they weigh choices separately rather than jointly. The purpose was to wee a set of policies like,The challenge was to compare the appeal of hiring a qualified and experienced HR person versus the cost of having un-organized and un-monitored employees leading to jeopardized care of the facility and compromised interposition of the children, which of course was against the aim of the organization. Therefore there were 2 options,The problem with hiring a new person for taking care of human resources was not only the cost of it being higher than the 2nd option but also the time. The time, which the new person will require to adjust and understand the situation, get trained and consequently work according to it.We decided to

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