Friday, June 21, 2019

Pavane Should consider one of the most important dance in China Essay

Pavane Should consider one of the most important bound in China - Essay Examplethough fast and moderately fast songs originally accompanied it, the dance can also be used for slow songs (Brown 1). The songs are based on the motion skills of the dancer. Through the attire adopted in the dance, it appears unique and very interesting. In demonstrating the importance of the pavane dance, a broad perspective on the dance lead be considered as well as Yang Lipings dance will be analyzed. It is therefore important that pavane dance should be given some(prenominal) importance in the dance department in China.Pavane is a dance that provides an intergenerational connection. Based on its history, the dance has a very important historic and cultural importance. Used by the French and Italy, it was adopted by the entire Europe and later spread across the world. China through its award-winning artists such(prenominal) as Yang Liping have presented this form of dance in their various presentati ons. In the historical context, the dance involved backward and forward movements in steps. The dancers would also contestation side by side, as they raised their feet in a positive manner. In addition, the dancers were in pairs as opposed to the current scenario where there can be a single dancer (Brown 5). This dance provides a very good basis of understanding the European culture since it basically relates closely to their ceremonies such as weddings.Yang Liping presents the dance in a spectacular way that makes attractive and worth considering in the Chinese Dance department. The dance is presented in a slow-motion manner with systematic body steps being made by Liping (You Tube 1). In addition, she uses only particular body parts in the dance as an look of its composition. The dance goes very well with a slow song. Liping is able to capture the attention of the viewers since the steps and body movements made cannot be easily predicted. The dance is quite entertaining based o n the use of diverse movements in the dance. On the other hand, her

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