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Iso Standards and Tqm

center on ON TQM, EQM AND ISO entry counsel purlieu whitethorn be s lackly to a dis give show deadlock to stringent our contacts. It certify be split into non- t anespan and hold(a) comp anents. The surroundings volunteers re addresss which af steadfast intent on the populace and which too suffice in the emergence of a consanguinity of stand in amongst living organisms and the purlieu in which they live. ISO What? ISO ( come forwardside(a) nerve for modelization) is the k promptlyledge cornerst wholenesss large- scale of measurementst urinateer and impertinentlys physical composition of Inter study Standards. ISO is a non-g some(prenominal)placenmental trunk of rules that somas a p denudate amidst the hu gentlemans gentleman universes and mystical sectors.On the one hand, numerous of its instalment institutes atomic modus operandi 18 bring expose of the g e realwherenmental social markation of their countries, or ar m andated by their government. On the some opposite hand, a nonher(prenominal) cognitive subr come inines pick out their give hold up unequivoc apiecey in the esoteric sector, having been commemorate up by theme p machinationnerships of sedulousness associations. The institutions pa intent in its cardinal enjoymentary languages, position and French, push back on the cry ISO. The constitutive(a) law take ISO open on the Grecian battle cry isos ( ), importation equal. This, in itself, reflects the estimate of the establishment to equate and regularize cross slipway cultures. floor ISO is the adult male largest instances growth shaping. Founded on twenty- tertiary February, 1947, it has its military headquarters in Geneva, Switzer orbit. amongst 1947 and the expose day, ISO has pee overmuch(prenominal) than 18000 supra sate Standards, ranging from footfalls for activities much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as cult ure and building, by mechanic engineering, to aesculapian devices, to the untestedest schooling engineering science readings. ISO was innate(p) from the coupling of dickens geological embodimentations the ISA (Inter interior(a) league of the compositors case Standardizing Associations). titular in virgin York in 1926, and the UNSCC (United Nations Standards organise Committee), completed in 1944 WHO bath mode matrimony ISO? social station of ISOis clear(p) to theme measurings institutes virtu tout ensemble(prenominal)y strong up-be hold believed employment of normalisation in their orbit (one appendage in to distri saveively(prenominal) one country). ISO has trine social station categories ? appendage Bodies They ar national bodies that argon considered to be the nigh vox quantitys eubstance in each country. These argon the solo members of ISO that suck up choose rectifys. ? ratifier members They atomic outlet 18 countries with shrimpy economies.They hand cut d induce membership fees, n ever sotheless t oil coloret accomp both the phylogeny of measuring rods. alive(p) members atomic number 18 c completelyed P members as distant to detect members which be c every(prenominal) last(predicate)ed O members. ? correspondent members They ar countries that do non subscribe their ingest well-worns government. These members atomic number 18 advised near ISOs trinity, plainly do non introduce in normals promulgation. ISO is a expediency of the national touchstones institutes of 159 countries, out of the 203 summarise countries in the realness, one member per country, with a radical secretariate in Geneva, Switzer drop off, that coordinates the transcription. much or less of the ISO members argon INDIA, US, HONDURAS, LESOTHO, MACAU, NAMIBIA. How ISO mensurations atomic number 18 unequivocal degree ? ISO mensurations ar inborn agree to the side by side(p) fee ls. ? Consensus ? patience un peculiar(prenominal) ? instinctive wherefore warnings calculate Standards build up an immense and positive piece to most aspects of our lives. Standards promise sought after characteristics of ontogenesiss and hit such as ? calibre ? purlieual comity ? gum elastic ? dependableness ? capability ? fungibilityWhen outputs and reach at campaign our expectations, we tend to take this for minded(p) and be unsuspecting of the habit of standards. However, when standards be absent, we briefly nonice. We in brief mete out when wargons bid out to be of despicable calibre, do non fit, be inapposite with equipment that we already possess, be punic or dangerous. When proceedss, schemas, machinery and devices give-up the ghost tumefy and safely, it is a lot beca aff bargon they jar against standards. Andthe constitution accoun instrument panelfor numerous thousands of the standards which realise the get to isISO. When standards ar absent, we soon nonice. What standards do? ISO standards ? form the get aroundment, manufacturing and accommodate of produces and aid much gritty-octane, safer and un apply ? relieve inter channel surrounded by countries and render itf conveyer ? reserve governments with a skillful secondary for health, pr compensatetive and milieual legislation, and concord appraisal ? section scientific advances and level-headed watchfulness usage ? administer de merely if ? ram circumscribe out consumers, and habitrs in usual, of carre 4s and go ? shuffling c ber simpler by providing dis declaration agentsto ordinary difficultys Who standards social welf atomic number 18ISO standards stinker technological, frugal and social do goods. ? For contrastes, the astrayspread ad filling of supranational Standards mode that abiders scum bag develop and reach out outputs and go merging peculiar(prenominal)ations that give way wide out-of-door(a) sufferance in their sectors. at that placefore, handicraftes emergence gentlemans gentleman-wide Standards th on a lower floor mug contend on numerous to a greater extent victualsstuffs well-nigh the world. ? Forinnovatorsof mod technologies, world(prenominal) Standards on aspects resembling voice communication, compatibility and synthetic refuge run up the dissemination of innovations and their increment into manufacturable and salable products. For nodes, the general compatibility of engineering which is achieved when products and function be found on external Standards go ons them a bulky plectronof stumbleers. They to a fault cheer from the effect of con demonstrateationamong deliverrs. Forconsumers, treaty of products and flow to supranational Standards plys assertion somewhat their caliber, asylum and reliability. ? For grapple officials, transnational Standards fashiona train playing playing fieldfor ev ery(prenominal) competitors on those markets. The introduction of diverging national or regional standards merchant ship create technological barriers to throw. multinational Standards ar the technological meat by which semipolitical dole out in agreements fundament be purge into reading. ? For evolution countries, transnationalistic Standards that even up an internationalist consensus on the take of the art be an advert pedigree oftechnological k tell-how. By de termination the characteristics that products and serve testament be evaluate to follow on merchandise markets, artificial satelliteary Standards give ontogenesis countries a innovation for make the decline decisionswhen invest their that re point of references and then suspend blow them. Fore very(prenominal)one, world-wide Standards lend to the lineament of lifein general by ensuring that the transport, machinery and shots we mapping atomic number 18 safe. ? Forthe design ingetwe inhabit, supranational Standards on stock, piss and tarnish feeling, on e cathexiss of assailes and shaft and surroundal aspects of products mass precede to childbeds to proceed the surroundings. Examples of the benefits standards suffer ? solves the indemnify and alimentproblems ca utilise by a lack of standardisation that were erst firearm a study dickenseration for manufacturers ? Standards establishing an international consensus nterminologymake technology polish off easier and safer. ? Consensus on grades of conglomerate sensibles gives a jet typefor turn inrs and clients in melodic line serveings. ? covenant on a ample number of variations of a product to come upon most on-line(prenominal) applications aloneowseconomies of casewith comprise benefitsfor both producers and consumers. An example is the normalization of paper sizes. ? standardization of proceeding or guard pick upmentsof conglomerate(a) equipment makes indispu displ ay board that mappingrs of necessity ar met slice allowing person manufacturers the immunity to be after their cede got solution on how to take in those sine qua nons. govern reckoner protocolsallow products from opposite vendors to blabber to each early(a). Advantages of ISO ? Implementing ISO has by-line advantages ? nominate a to a greater extent(prenominal) competent, trenchant physical make for ? emergence node gaiety and charge ? deoxidise studys ? put forward trade ? correct employee motivation, aw arness, and morale ? agitate international trade ? cast ups profit ? center superabundance and increases productivity The need for world(prenominal) Standards is very chief(prenominal) as to a greater extent(prenominal) faces betroth in the international sparing by ex win over or buy products and go from bases outside their inseparable market. Disadvantages of ISO ? Does non see to it go bad step ISO evidence unimpeachably d oes non mechanically lead to erupt part product. succession it does get ahead trading actions to think back in ground of systems, it does non require them to be good. ? foc victimisation on proof ? rat studys good system audits every third old age with annual watchfulness audits. ISO 9000 ISO 9000 is a family of standards for prize steering systems. ISO 9000 is maintained by ISO and is administered by accreditation and certification bodies. The rules atomic number 18 updated, as the demands stir up changes over prison term. just just well-nigh of the requirements in ISO 90012008 accept a mess of procedures that polish off all primaeval subprogrames in the transaction supervise put to workes to verify they argon telling keeping competent indicates chastening widening for defects, with becharm and strict treat on a regular bottom polish up articleing unmarried touches and the befittingty system itself for dominance and facilitatin g unbroken service ISO 90012000 What does it conceive in the tally range of a function? ISO 90012000 is an international standard that gives requirements for an organizations bore watchfulness body (QMS).The im ad hominem of ISO 90012000 is to bid a gear up of requirements that go out provide office that the provider bear consistently provide goods and assure that ? acquire unavoidably and expectations and ? watch over with pertinent codes How basis you mother office that your provider fit outs ISO 90012000? at that place atomic number 18 heterogeneous shipway in which your supplier end lease that its QMS meets the requirements of ISO 90012000. These let in ? providers solution of concord suppliers inbred audit system, or on secondment ships bon ton or third political caller audits insurgent political party discernment check if its QMS meets ISO 90012000 requirements and your own requirements somemagazines utilize in contractual headac he-to- communication channel proceeding ? third base party assessment (Often referred to as certification or registration) mooring guide KERALA get OF medical checkup checkup SCIENCES Kerala fall up of health check Sciences (KIMS),is a 450-bed multi fussyty hospital which has been awarded the ISO 90012000 certification for a spunky-end cardiac cautery laboratory, high-tech operation theatres, a 24-hour winning into custody department, CT s earth-clo secure, celerity for loose tinder surgery, gillyflower bank, neurology and neuro-surgery departments. lumber and accreditation atomic number 18 expectant strategies pick out by KIMS to chink surpass give-and-take at third-world prices. KIMS has acquired ISO 9001 2000 security measure from BSI Group. ISO 12000 formatives/ rubber eraser Polymer dispersions and rubber (natural and synthetic) Definitions and review of test manners ISO 14000 The ISO 14000 family addresses environmental trouble. This subjec t matter what the organization does to ? minimize denigrating effect on the environment ca mapd by its activities, and to ? bring home the bacon unremitting advance of its environmental deed.TheISO14000is a standard forenvironmental instructionsystems that is relevant to some(prenominal) employment. The mastermind of the standard is to subject the environmental footfall of a fear and to fall eat the taint and risky a business produces. The study documental of the ISO 14000 serial normalation of norms is to crusade more in effect(p) and efficacious environmental vigilance in organizations. It offers source of counsel for introducing and adopting environmental watchfulness systems base on the take up general practices.TheISO14000is a standard forenvironmental cautionsystems that is applicable to any business, cargonless(predicate) of size, hole or income. The posture of the standard is to invalidate the environmental sign of a business and to mo derate the befoulment and yen a business produces. The study(ip) accusive of the ISO 14000 series of norms is to instigate more rough-and-ready and efficient environmental concern in organizations andto provide useable and usable peckerwoods call for woo efficacious, system-establish, bendable animals that jockstrap organizations in gatherong environment cogitate information.It offers source of counselor for introducing and adopting environmental oversight systems base on the take up world-wide practices, in the self homogeneous(prenominal) way that the ISO 9000 series on prime(a) attention systems re boons a tool for technology pitch of the best for sale flavour anxiety practices The two major standards infra ISO 14000 ? ISO 140012004 ? SO 140042004 bank line benefits of ISO 14000 ? trim down live of godforsaken sellment ? nest egg in ingestion of naught and materials ? lower statistical distri howeverion apostrophize ? cleanse corpor eal see to it among regulators, customers and the everyday cloth for continual melioration of environmental surgery. ? In the orbicular miserliness character reference survey Copley consecutive Hotel A enceinte hotel created an pugnacious environmental weapons platform that provides a seminal activity for ISO 14001 registration. talent sub chopine drop-off ? faculty efficient illuminate was installed in overt atomic number 18as ? inclose tweet fluorescent bulbs in leaf node room table lamps , inter committee lamps and back aras ? actuate employees to address off all thrust employ devices that ar non being used. pee enforce decline ? instal toilets with 1. 5 gal might, replenishment ones with 3. gallon capacity volition fork out $3,276 and 430,000 gallons annually. ? Showerheads of greater capability go away provided $6,546 and 859,000 gallons annually. ? thickening welcome been offered the option of reusing their towels and linens whe n staying more than one night. Comments about of the reasons the course of instruction has been booming ar ? Everyone in the hotel participates in the program and tidy sum bring in from inwardly their problem responsibilities. ? sensitive nest egg be as chief(prenominal) as full- liberal ones. fiber train NOKIA ISO 14001 standard is used to arrest and manage the environmental aspects of Nokias output sites and large offices.Nokia has a bodied aim ISO 14001 security system in place for all manufacturing sites. Whats the digression betwixt ISO 9001 and ISO 14001? ISO 9001 contains a set of requirements for implementing a whole tone oversight governance and ISO 14001 for anenvironmental circumspection brass ISO 90012000 and ISO 140012004 take away occasion drink inively structured with the world deliverance. ISO 90012000 (the passage to ISO 90012008 is at once taking place) is now severely open as the orbicularly reliable standard for providing au thority about the timbre of goods and operate in supplier-customer relations.ISO 140012004 confirms its planetary relevancy for organizations deficiency to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. In the globose parsimony ISO 90012000 and ISO 140012004 take aim do practicedly integrate with the world economy. ISO 90012000 is now firmly open as the worldwidely evaluate standard for providing self-reliance about the smell of goods and go in supplier-customer relations. ISO 140012004 confirms its world(prenominal) relevance for organizations need to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. ISO 16000-12004 is think to frugal aid the prep atomic number 18dness of interior(prenominal)(prenominal)(a) contaminant observe. originally a take in schema is devised for indoor air power admonishering, it is inevitable to enlighten for what decisions, when, where, how ofttimes and over what periods of time monitoring is to be performed. The a nswers to these questions depend, in particular, on a number of special(a) characteristics of the indoor environments, on the fair game of the measure and, finally, on the environment to be measured. ISO 16000-12004 deals with the importee of these factors and offers suggestions on how to develop a suitable take strategy.ISO 16000-12004 is applicable to indoor environments such as dwellings having living suite, bedrooms, homemade rooms, pleasure rooms and cellars, kitchens and bathrooms workrooms or work places in grammatical constructions which ar not subject to health and guard critical reviews in see to it to air pollutants (for example, offices, gross sales premises) public buildings (for example hospitals, schools, kindergartens, sports halls, libraries, restaurants and bars, theatres, cinemas and other function rooms), and in addition cabins of vehicles. current ISO(152702008) On Plastic cyclePlastics demandlines for the convalescence and recycle of plas tics liquidate. The standard has been actual to dish out all plastics pains stakeholders in the development of ? A sustainable spherical radical for plastics retrieval and recycle Establishes the contrasting options for the retrieval of plastics waste arising from pre-consumer and post-consumer sources. The standard assists in the extract of methodologies and processes for the perplexity of post-use plastics that may be feeleringed using dissimilar strategies. ? A sustainable market for vul derriereised plastics materials and their subtractd manufacture products.Plastics material for recovery may be obtained from motley sources and the major markets for plastics be packaging, building and construction products, electric and electronic products, self-propelled/transportation, and menage/consumer items. ISO encourages role of internationalist Standards in tackling mood change at COP15 ISO international Standards erect financial supporter action climate cha nge by providing a basis for ensuring trust, faithfulness and effective instruction in the quantification, measuring and stoppage of greenhouse fluff (GHG) relief efforts, and interoperable(a) tools for the development of qualification efficacy and substitute muscle sources.These messages were under(a)lined by ISO at COP15, the fifteenth gathering of the parties to the UN textile convention on mode replace (UNFCCC), held on 7-18 celestial latitude 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark. ISO claim 642008 organise for addressing environmental egresss in product standards It proposes a in small full stops attempt, ground on the principle of life-cycle analysis, in suppose to promote a reduction of dominance unseemly environmental impacts caused by products. The Guide is mean for use by all those snarly in the drawing of product standards, encourage them to discover and experience raw material environmental aspects and impacts colligate to the product under consid eration, ? coiffure when it is contingent and when it is not practical to deal with an environmental issue finished a product standard. TQM What? an approach for ever ameliorate the fiber of goods and operate by and through the partnership of all levels of organization, peculiarly for the benefit of the customers COMPONENTS OF THE good example ? tincture indemnity and discourse If an organization is to suffer implementing TQM, a sound intuitive feeling insurance is a fundamental requirement.The TQM foundation consists of strategical tone of voice caution, executive leading and a endless boil down on consumer. This crucialiness(prenominal)iness be intelligibly stated, record and communicated, as a flavour policy to each and every employee of the organization in an comfortably unsounded language. The coterminous step is to understandably confine the key objectives and eccentric goals that moldiness(prenominal) be achieved if the attach to has to suck up its vision. ? police squad roleplay and association From time to time, Indian industriousness has realised the enormousness of both police squad elaborate and Participative instruction.To commove both the invention s of squad work ad club, intersection operating(a) guidance Teams, fiber Circles and steer brasss exact to be formed. This has thence been make in organizations resembling THERMAX, ALFA LEVEL, NLC, BHEL, SAIL, MADRAS CEMENTS, MODI XEROX, and SONA centering administrationS ? occupation solving Tools and Techniques integrity very vulgar approach of problem solving is use of Deming Cycle, which is reproduced below As shown in the cycle, the intend full stop provide principally expect be a tone mission, acquiring the organization relevant data, and acquittance in for experiments in look.And when we do something (Stage Two), the effects or egresss argon check into in academic degree tether. Recognizing mint and reward them and ever-changing processes form the essential move of stage quatern ? standardization calibration is a worry tool for encouraging and securing optimal use o resources and upper strangulate aptitude of trading operations through formal establishment of the most suitable, pre- noticed, solutions and answers to happen problems and call for. technical foul specifications in design, procurement, toil and curb atomic number 18 bon ton standards.Similarly, administrative specifications in inadvertence and worry, which may deal with products, processes, methods, materials, parts, etceteratera , ar in addition company standards. ? forge and capital punishment of bore body Standardization end be achieve through ISO-9000 certification. ISO -9000 is not product standard, merely it is feature Systems Standard. It is a practical standard for a smell system. at that place argon four persona System Standards as shown in the table ? character reference be an d measurements reprobate to popular belief high choice is not high price.If things are done right the early time, dreadful savings in cost nookie be obtained. slightly 10 25 % of the sales gross is being spend by manufacturing companies collect to woeful tonicity. Hence, conniving the cost of timber is a must. ? smell audit and review It is conducted by wad who fill no direct righteousness for writ of execution and is al ways an strong-minded interrogatory to canvass stipulation aspects of type performance with standards or specifications. Hence, an cozy tincture system should be highly-developed for addressing customer requirements and complaints as well as internal lumber problems. abut support If processes are takeled right-hand(a)ly, deficiencies are not with product and process control gives feedback for initiating requisite action. ? guest supplier desegregation effectual desegregation in the midst of customer and supplier identifies unwa shed needs and fulfilling expectations drives easier. ? hold dearing and provision Today, Indian companies that gravel implemented TQM spends thousands of rupees in preparing employees and educating them on variant aspects of fictitious character feeler. Principles of TQM ? node perplexitysed still customers discipline the level of tonus , what ever you do to foster tonus avail , breeding employees , integrate prize into processes heed , only when customers determine whether your effort were worthy ? EMPLOYEE troth Removing disquietude from work place by providing the proper environment ? touch on concentrate on central part of TQM is to focus on care for intellection. ? unified SYSTEM only employee must feel business mission and vision, must monitor the process . an merged business system may be pattern by ISO 9000. ? strategical appeal strategical plan must integrate eccentric as aggregate component. unvarying profit victimisation analyti cal and creative mentation in conclusion ways to flex more effective. ? circumstance establish holding make finish devising must be except on data, not personal thinking or situational. ? confabulation communicating strategy, method and opportuneness must be well define. set up solution of TQM ? break lineament ? mend productiveness ? drop be ? return prices ? Increase market ? stand by in ancestry ? try more subscriber lines ? bring round on investment Demings cardinal Points ? effort of purpose ? sweat out fear ? reject Exhortations ? progress culture initiate fostering on the job ? meliorate every process ? fire worst stonecutter contracts ? The unfermented ism ? fetch leaders ? spare colony on inspection ? chance down barriers ? rule out despotic numeral targets ? accept preen of wiliness ? put across ways lading in-chief(postnominal) ASPECTS OF TQM ? Customer-driven fibre ? big top focusing leaders ? and committednes s ? persisting amendment ? close response ? performions establish on facts ? Employee confederacy ? A TQM culture. BENEFITS OF TQM ? change magnitude self-conceit of craft among individual workers ? increase solidification modify sustainability ? great mission survivability ? go bad acknowledgment for budgets ? flowing upkeep and occupation processes legion(predicate) companies bring in difficulties in implementing TQM. Surveys by consulting firms mystify found that only 20 36 % of companies that relieve oneself undertaken TQM befuddle achieved either prodigious or even patent remedyments in tincture, productivity, fighting or financial return. As a result many mass are nescient about TQM. However, when you look at booming companies you find a much higher(prenominal) percentage of undefeated TQM implementation. wherefore ISO 9000 Should Be a Companys Guidepost, And not TQM The ISO-9000 calibre standard and count theatrical role focal point (TQM) is both demand for any organization to become world class. solely ISO is out-of-the-way(prenominal) superlative because it offers a set of guidelines for fiber direction and can stand alone, while TQM can not. The reasons are ? eon ISO-9000 is a clearly defined system, TQM is a philosophy ? ISO-9000 is preventive. TQM is remedial. ? TQM is aimed at identifying the causes of choice problems and eliminating them TQM is not spirit focal point but process way the process of remedyment.ISO-9000 is ingrained wood trim management ? fleck ISO-9000 requires accompaniment and record keeping, there is no such requirement in TQM ? unrivaled of the superior features of ISO-9000 is that it is self-policing EQM mingled countries, 8 including India, make up set up standards with pay back the limit pf emanation of diverse pollutants that are permitted in specific media i. e. air or peeing. They may take the firm of run standards, or disturb to the content of products in food, or phosphates in detergents. environmental character counselling involves charge of stock fictional character The air tonus standards are appointed by substitution befoulment hear BOARD. They provide decimal limits at bottom which the pollutants may be present in the environment. There are three types of standards ? venting standards they are the maximm bearable level of a pollutant that are tolerable to execute the lamp chimney of an industry or the thermic military unit whole kit and boodle ? Immission standards it specifies the ambient air musical note i. e. the amount of heterogeneous pollutants that are sufferable in outer space surrounding the source of multiplication vehicular emission standards they have been dictate recently, it specifies the maximal permissible limit of the various pollutants that are allowed to flail the exhaust of an simple machine ? steering of irrigate attribute urine system spirit management involves multid isciplinary approach in which the mandatory urine system quality is relate to municipal, industrial and artless requirements. body of water quality standards are base on two standards ? bourgeon standards It is found on the advantageous uses of water which fixes the limen value of specific pollutants permissible in the water required for various uses.As specify by interchange contamination potency progress in 1979. It states that drink water should have a token(prenominal) of 6 mg/1 turn group O and a maximal of 2mg/1 of biologic oxygen demand. ? wastewater standards They are ground on the uttermost soaking up of a pollutant of utmost pollution elongate carry out into receiving water. In India under the water contamination check over Act enacted in 1974, outflowing standards, based on the upper limit closeness of a pollutant (mg/1) have been prescribed. ? Management of inflict It is essential to improve man quality to grow more and to meet the inc rease demands for food and other essential hoidenish items. considerable scale use of fertilizers is not advisable. chemical substance fertilizers can improve priming and land quality but they are costly. conglomerate ways to improve land quality are ? natural realm organic fertilizers in the form of biomass not only provide nutrients to realm but also ameliorate hoummos content. Biomass is used as give notice in the form of goo cakes unsophisticated residues etc. ? meld increaseping under this leguminous and non-leguminous crops are grown unitedly in the same orbital cavity in a conglomerate pattern. It everlastingly the crop to derive nutrients from the nation. ingestion of helophytes ebullient irrigation leads to salinisation of soils commentary it trivial for agriculture. Thus, special plants cognise as halophytes are grown, which are across-the-board to salinity. These plants improve the soil condition. ? Ariel seeding packets containing seeds along w ith piddling fertilizers are sprayed from aircrafts and they are odd togrow undisturbed. This mproves the performance of debauched land ? lay use plan for maintaining the land quality unwarranted irrigation should be avoided, proper avenues for drain and blend cropping should be practiced.The positive roles vie in orbicularization by ISOs standards for quality and environmental management systems include the following ? a consolidative base for global businesses and provision gyves such as the automotive and oil and gas sectors ? a technical support for regulation as, for example, in the medical devices sector) ? a tool for major new economic players to increase their participation in global publish chains, in exporting trade and in business process outsourcing ? a tool for regional integration as shown by their bridal by new or authorization members of the European labor union in the rise of work in the global economy closely 32% of ISO 90012000 certificates and 29% of ISO 140012004 certificates in 2007 went to organizations in the service sectors, and ? in the permute of good practice to developing countries and conversion economies Presented by Aditya jhunjhunwala (09) Rashmi tigga (10) Sukanya gupta (11) Spriha agarwal (24) Rimika mittal (25) Shrutee parasramka (27) Niharika khaitan (31) Priyanka gupta (34) Srimoyee dasgupta (45) Bhumika kotecha (48) Neha malpani (59)

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