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What were the aims and objectives of the Baghdad Pact and why did it Essay

What were the aims and objectives of the Baghdad Pact and why did it fail - Essay ExampleIn 1955 Iraq signed mutual demur agreement with Turkey. Several other countries such as the united Kingdom, Pakistan, and Iran joined the treaty throughout the year 1955.The pact was based on the mutual security and defense obligations, with the provision that stated that nations would not interfere in internal affairs of each other. In spite of the fact that the pact was destined to allow in several other Arab states, especially the nations of the Arab League, none of other countries of the region would join the alliance. 2.The aim of the pact was to contain the spread of communism in the region and construe Soviet influence in this area. Despite the fact that the pact did not explicitly state it, it was designed with this aim in mind. The pact consisted of nine articles the outgrowth article of the treaty stipulated cooperation between the states in various defense measures. The second ar ticle stated that these measures should become operative once the governments of the nations fellow members of the treaty had agreed on the actions that must be taken. 3 In this respect Baghdad treaty was less explicit than the provisions of the treaty of NATO which stipulated that an attack on any member of the treaty should considered as an attack on all of them.In spite of officially proclaimed common intentions of the members of the alliance to fight communisms it was clear right from the cash in ones chips that most of the nations had disagreements on several important regional issues such as Middle East process. The meeting of all members of new military alliance, except the United Kingdom, was hold on November 8 , 1956 it called for immediate withdrawal of all Israeli troops from Egypt territory, release of all military Egyptian prisoners as well as restoration of the independence of Egypt. The statement also urged French and English governments to cease the hostilities in Egypt and called for the beginning of negotiation process on the Suez issue with active partnership of the

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