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Career Plan Essay Career Plan After Graduation

C arr Plan Essay Career Plan After GraduationCareer intentning is a bread and butterlong procedure which includes modelting a job, working on our skills, determination reveal our expectations from life and regular retiring. There might alship canisteral be possible changes in life beca expenditure our long-term and short-term plans may not match. We messnot always control things from outside such as family, friends or health issues, but once we recognise a public life plan, it demises as far as possible.The line of achievement planning process should include these stepsFirst thing almost life story planning is finding out your skills. Skill is thing that we studyed how to do. People break a lot of skills that they dont know near. Identifying our skills help to find us our ideal job. It includes finding out what is important for you in job and what kind of decision maker we are.Career planning is answer of the question what are we doing after get-go? after gradua tion most of people stimulates the job search. Job hunting is an activity that a lot of us would just avoid as long as possible. We are aware that in todays world having a job became necessity of life. Even the best workers in the world arseholenot be through no fault in their lives. We always change our minds and we make up may made wrong choices or the job that held such promise has turned to dust.My objectivesAt the end of the way, I indigence to be recognizing as a winning person who achieved all(prenominal) the goals she planned and left a official impression in peoples lives. I result have to work as hard as I can to get that recognition and I am testamenting to do what it takes to get that point. I flack allthing in life with positive attitude and often of enthusiasm. I strongly retrieve that I will be a successful person in my whole life. I pauperization to start do my dreams come true with my degree from LSC. My goals is start to my career before I get my deg ree, I believe that will make me more successful. I know all of my lecturers from my college is breathing out to lay out me to have a level-headed life.I am majoring in vexation Administration but I also got my degree in Tourism Management in Turkey. My plan is persuade my career in Tourism. My degree which is from LSC is passing game to give me a lot of chance to make a difference in tourism railway line. After third semester of my study, I am going to gull for jobs in hotel. I want to start my career from the very first step. I want to improve my skills by check up oning about my subject. I am willing to do everything to be where I want to be. I also want to complete my studying by getting my MBA degree in Business. I also want to improve my skills in finance sector, so I can work in either department in any hotel. My all career goals have no geographic or salary. I am willing to relocate anywhere in order to achieve success and name my knowledge.In the medium term of my experience, I would like to obtain a challenging job in any country in EUROPE. By this meter I want to make more specific decisions about my career. Hopefully as a result of gaining my knowledge, I will impress people who can help me to improve my skills.My long-term goal would be becoming a main manager in any successful hotel. Actually I am dreaming to working in hotel since I was child. Working in Dubai would be my dream come true. Dubai is the centre of hotel industry.Career pathsJob-I Receptionist (age 22-25)I want to start my career as a receptionist in a hotel this place is beginning for me to learn everything. I want to be the first face that people see that as soon as they get into the hotel. I want gain my skills and work on my likenessship with people. My responsible is going to be as a receptionist to making customers feel welcome and deal with them professionally. To be professional as a receptionist, I want to improve my computer skills to handle reservations. If I can get a chance to work in big hotel, there might be team of receptionist. Many larger hotels might offer training sections for the employees which may encourage me to work more. To achieve my goals, I accept to gain my converse skills. Prospects depend on hotel size but with all the experience I will be able to handle several tasks at once. All the hotels are working with open hours, I may be able to work any time they need me. According to my research I might start up to 12,000-14,500 a year salary. But once I get my experience I can earn up to 18,000 a year. This may depend on the hotel and its size. But my goals are always high.As a receptionist I need to beHospitable, sociable and helpfulOutstanding communication skillsConfidence effective a computer systemGood organization skillsPeacefulEnjoy having relation with peopleAlso I would like to have GCSEs (A*-C), or equivalent, math skills and able to speak different languages.Job-II transnational Business ConsultantAs an out side(a)istic business consultant I would be responsible for providing applicable and up-to-date information about important business aspects and market information for international companies. The international business consultant is some nonpareil who gets all the information from foreign businesses. As I want to work in tourism sector, this might be the good step of my career because I dont want to work in my own country. I want to travel as much as I can to improve my knowledge. As a consultant in tourism sector, it is a good opportunity for me to work international. The international consultant in hotel, I have to be able to get all the information and business investments from different hotels and I should be able to watch the sectors new opportunities and even information about how the promotions work for competitors. I would like to work in hotel which are already working international, for instance I would rather to choose a hotel which have some other hotels bond in differ ent countries. Maybe I might get chance to travel and work in a hotel in more than unitary country.Common work duties as a international consultantI might travel to various countries and areas to research positive information for my company and learn different types of cultures to welcome my guests from different countries.I might meet all the managers and any other consultant officially who are professional about their business and I can get chance to discuss about working in foreign country with different working conditions.I will prepare reports and enter promotional discussions with clientsI will gain myself in marketing and denote services.Job-III Marketing ManagerAfter getting a job as a consultant and learn everything about it, I want to be marketing manager. I am willing to work on my sales, marketing and advertising skills. As a manager, I will be responsible for some common things, such as development, organizing, directing and controlling activities in different areas. I will have to hire my own employee, I can chose them using by industry like retail companies. As a manager I will hire, fire employees and motivate them to improve their ability and skills. Finding out about new promotions and sharing them with my clients would make me gain my communication skills. Like every marketing manager, make training sections for my employees are going to be one of my responsibilities. As soon as I get my experience, my salary is going to be approximately 25,000-35,000.Job-IV Corporate Financial AnalystBeginning to job with my skills and experience I will bring to business new process. I also want to expert my knowledge in different parts of business. As a corporate financial analyst, I will improve my written and oral communication skills. I will be responsible for analysing financial positions of hotel. I will try to find the way how we improve our hotel in business sector and I will be willing to help establish the financial needs of company.Primary duti es and responsibilitiesWorking on forecast revenues, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. take back forecast and create a new budget planProvide informations to management to make a long-term planningclassify the new ways of improving cash flowsI am concern about data analysis in this job because I am not going to use that information until starting my career. I must know about all the information about data analysis. I must learn all the competitors in order to be successful in the area. I must have academic and practical knowledge about business of history and finance and I will be willing to move from department to department in order to achieve my long-term goals and get promotions.Job-V CEO of a whole hotelIn the last step of my career, I must have all the knowledge and experiments in order to consider that I achieved all the goals that I had. I will have wide data of the financial aspects. I will have the knowledge of advanced quantitative techniques. Managerial experienc e is going to be positive effect to my career. Basic function is in this job to be a good leader of the corporation.Primary duties and responsibilitiesI am going to be the last step of decisions.I will have the opportunity of reviewing the overall financial data of the hotelI will be willing to take the all responsibilities when the hotel has problemsI am going to be the first person who is making decisions in long-term distanceAll the projects are going to need my approval case skills and knowledgeI must have complete business sense of jobI must have a clear vision about hotelI must be the good leader with ethics and taking all the social responsibilitiesI must know that this is top of my career and make positive movements are literalFall-back planIn the case that I am unable to take my steps wrong and unable to get a job of my dream, I am going to need another career plan. I might be interested in textile sector which is my familys job. My find has a company and they are working like import and export with a lots of brand company. Actually I like fashion and be in the middle of fashion I can go to Italy and seek for opportunity to working in fashion. I used to work with Calvin Klein in Turkey, they even offered me a job when I finish my graduation but I would rather to work in tourism sector than with fashion, because I like be with people and having relationship with them. I am a kind of person who can talk to anybody and try to solve any kind of problem. Tourism is a big sector that getting bigger every single day of our lives. My plan is the do whatever it takes to live my dreams.AnalysisIve chosen a career in tourism management business, because it is going to give me a chance to travel a lot. Before I retire, I want to travel lots of countries in the world. I want to discover new touristic areas and I will try to making people to go there. Ive been in my usual environment since I was born and it is time for me to recover different places.Whatever is your dream, you must be willing to start from bottom line. You must know that you are going to learn everything from the very beginning. When we look at all these successful people, as you can see that they were from one of us. There are many positions in life that you can chose whatever you like inside of them. Everyone has different type of skills and I believe we can improve our any skills as we want. Life is not easy and without seek we do nothing. Once you get your certain degree, no one wants to stay aside like a fish that not in the sea anymore. My consignment to hard work and make a different in every place that I am going to work even if it is a bitty one. I will keep learning how to improve myself, and I will try to be always better person. I believe my personality and my skills are going to bring me always up.Details of my studyingThese are the lectures that I will be completed at the end of my studying.Semester 12Business accountingBusiness and managerial economicsCom munication at workStatistical and quantitative methodsInformation systems and technologiesMarketing managementPersonal managerial effectiveness organizational theory and practiseSemester 34Business law and ethicsInternet business and e-commerceOperation and logistics managementFinancial analysis and decision makingInternational businessHuman resources managementResearch methodologyStrategic information managementSemester 56Strategic managementChange and continuity in present-day(a) businessInternational and strategic marketingInternational and comparative human resource managementStrategic brand managementConclusionThis assignment was one of the best assignments that I had to do. I am very honest. It made me realize lots of things about my life. I never thought about where my life is going or what kind of chances I have in life, but now I know. I didnt even know what my programme at LSC is including until I looked at them. Now, I know what I am going to learn, what kind of things I will be able to do and I have a career plan. I used to think that career plan is something that people never follow but I am willing to follow my entire plan and I hope it is going to be the best for me. I want to thank to Tatiana Pavlovsky who made me realize that I can be a successful person if I want to be. All I need was just a plan.

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